Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner with Peaceful Lavender Aroma

Experience the tranquility of yoga and exercise with ASUTRA’s Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, featuring a soothing lavender aroma. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or a fitness enthusiast, this natural and organic cleaner is the perfect choice to keep your yoga mat in pristine condition. ASUTRA’s unique formula is water-based, infused with essential oils, and suitable for all types of mats and props.

This 4 fl oz bottle comes with a bonus microfiber cleaning towel for your convenience. Elevate your practice with the calming and energizing scent of lavender, while ensuring your mat is clean, refreshed, and residue-free.

🌟 Aromatherapy Bliss: ASUTRA’s Yoga Mat Cleaner offers more than just cleaning; it’s an aromatherapy experience. The delightful lavender scent has properties that leave you feeling calm and energized, making it perfect for pre- or post-workout relaxation.

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🌟 Versatile for All Mat Types: No matter what type of mat or yoga prop you use, this cleaner is your perfect match. ASUTRA’s formula is suitable for all kinds of materials, ensuring your mat remains in the best condition.

🌟 Organic and Natural: ASUTRA prioritizes your well-being and the environment. This cleaner is organic and natural, free from harsh chemicals, ensuring it’s safe for both you and your mat.

🌟 No Slippery Residue: Worried about slippery residue on your mat? ASUTRA’s cleaner leaves no such trace. You can trust it for a residue-free cleaning experience, providing a safe and non-slip surface for your practice.

🌟 Cleans and Restores: Beyond cleaning, this product helps restore your mat’s freshness. Say goodbye to the dirt and sweat buildup, and welcome a clean and rejuvenated mat with every use.

🌟 Easy to Use: ASUTRA’s cleaner simplifies your mat maintenance routine. Spray and wipe with the included microfiber cleaning towel, and you’re good to go. It’s a hassle-free and efficient solution.

🌟 Microfiber Cleaning Towel: ASUTRA goes the extra mile by providing you with a microfiber cleaning towel, ensuring that your mat cleaning is even more effective and convenient.

🌟 4 fl oz Size: The 4 fl oz size is perfect for those on the go. It’s compact and easy to carry to your yoga class or gym, ensuring that your mat is always fresh and ready for your practice.

🌟 Peaceful Lavender Aroma: The standout feature of this product is the “Peaceful Lavender Aroma.” The calming and energizing lavender scent not only enhances your practice but also sets the mood for a peaceful and serene yoga or exercise session.

Feature Description
Aromatherapy Bliss Calm and energize with lavender scent.
Versatile Mat Types Suitable for all kinds of mats and props.
Organic and Natural Chemical-free, safe for you and the environment.
No Slippery Residue Leaves a safe, non-slip surface.
Cleans and Restores Removes dirt and sweat, rejuvenating your mat.
Easy to Use Hassle-free spray and wipe with a microfiber towel.
Microfiber Towel Comes with a bonus cleaning towel.
4 fl oz Size Compact and convenient for on-the-go use.
Peaceful Lavender Aroma Sets a peaceful mood for your practice.

The standout feature that makes this product a must-have is the “Peaceful Lavender Aroma.” It’s not just a cleaner but an aromatherapy experience.

The calming and energizing lavender scent enhances your practice and sets a peaceful mood for your yoga or exercise session. This unique feature not only ensures your mat stays clean but also helps you achieve the perfect mindset for your workout, making it the top reason to invest in this product.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Present your yoga mat some love. Asutra’s Yoga Mat Cleaner means that you can clear and refresh your mats and props with no slippery residue. We’re proud that no Asutra merchandise have been examined on any animals.

NO PARABENS, PHOSPHATES, OR BLEACH: Asutra’s 100% pure and natural Yoga Mat Cleaner is hand-made with love. It’s free from parabens, phosphates, and bleach and comprises zero harsh chemical substances.



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