Yoga Mat: Embrace Comfort, Grip, and Eco-Friendliness 🧘

Elevate your yoga and pilates practice with the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat, a premium 5mm thick mat crafted with care from natural tree rubber. This eco-friendly yoga mat is the epitome of comfort, grip, and sustainability.

The eKO mat boasts a ripple floor texture that provides superior traction and an ultimate catch grip to ensure you stay securely in place during your practice, preventing any slipping or sliding. The dense cushioning of this mat offers exceptional support and stability, making it perfect for yogis of all levels.

To preserve the longevity of your eKO yoga mat, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. To store it, avoid leaving the mat exposed to direct sunlight, and if it gets wet, allow it to dry completely before rolling it up.

When it comes to cleaning, Manduka’s Organic Rubber Mat Wash is the way to go. It’s a simple and effective way to keep your mat fresh and clean. However, avoid the temptation to toss it in the washing machine, as this could lead to the breakdown of the material. Refrain from soaking or submerging it in water and never use any type of soap for cleaning, as it can compromise the mat’s performance and integrity.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Choice: Made from natural tree rubber, the eKO mat is an eco-friendly option, so you can practice with a clear conscience.

🧘 Premium Thickness: With a 5mm thickness, this mat provides just the right amount of cushioning for support without sacrificing stability.

🧲 Ultimate Grip: The ripple floor texture offers superior traction and an ultimate catch grip, ensuring you stay in place during even the most challenging poses.


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πŸ™ For All Yogis: Suitable for yogis of all levels, this mat is the perfect companion for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

🌞 Sunlight Protection: The mat is designed to resist direct sunlight, ensuring its longevity and quality.

🌧️ Quick Dry: If your mat gets wet, it dries rapidly, so you can continue your practice without delay.

🧼 Effortless Cleaning: Maintaining the mat is a breeze with Manduka’s Organic Rubber Mat Wash, ensuring it stays fresh and ready for your practice.

♻️ Sustainable Lifestyle: Investing in this mat is not just a commitment to your practice but also to sustainability and a healthier planet.

🧘 Total Comfort: The eKO mat is not only about sustainability; it’s about your comfort and performance during every yoga or pilates session.

The Manduka eKO Yoga Mat is more than just a yoga accessory; it’s your companion on your journey to mindfulness, balance, and sustainability. With its eco-friendly materials, ultimate grip, and perfect thickness, this mat caters to all yogis, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. It’s designed to protect you from slipping during your practice and to protect the planet with its sustainable materials. Whether you’re under the sun or caught in the rain, this mat is ready for your practice, and it’s effortless to keep it clean and fresh. Elevate your practice with the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat, and embrace a harmonious union of comfort, grip, and eco-friendliness. 🌿🧘

Sealed cell floor expertise supplies sturdiness for your mat over an prolonged time period.

Open air backside supplies final cushion and help for joints throughout your observe.

Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, pure tree rubber with non-toxic foaming brokers and non-AZO dyes. 99% Latex free.


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