Large Yoga Mat Bag – Premium Yoga Mat Tote with Dual Air-Circulate

This yoga mat bag is a game-changer! It comfortably fits my mat with room to spare, and the extra pockets are so handy for my water bottle and towel. Love the airflow design that keeps my mat fresh!

The MERU Large Yoga Mat Bag is perfect for yogis looking to carry their mat and essentials in style and comfort. With its spacious design and multiple storage pockets, it’s ideal for yoga classes, gym sessions, or even outdoor practice.

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Durable materials and innovative features ensure that your yoga gear stays organized and protected wherever your practice takes you.

1. 🧘 Spacious Design

The MERU Large Yoga Mat Bag is generously sized at 28 inches long by 7 inches wide, providing ample space for most yoga mats. It offers more room than traditional yoga mat straps or slings, making it easier to transport your mat alongside other essentials.

2. 🎒 Multiple Storage Pockets

Equipped with three multifunctional storage pockets, this yoga mat tote allows you to carry water bottles, towels, keys, and other accessories conveniently. The pockets are strategically placed for easy access without compromising on the bag’s sleek design.

3. 🌬️ Dual Air-Circulate System

Featuring an innovative dual airflow system, the MERU yoga mat bag prevents odor buildup by promoting ventilation. This keeps your yoga mat fresh and ready for your next session, whether you practice hot yoga or prefer outdoor workouts.

4. 🏆 Premium Quality

Crafted from durable cotton/hemp canvas with reinforced stitching, MERU’s yoga mat bag is built to last. The double-lined construction ensures longevity, making it a worthwhile investment compared to cheaper alternatives that wear out quickly.

5. 🌀 Easy Access Zipper

The contour zipper design provides effortless access to your yoga mat, allowing for quick packing and unpacking. This feature is particularly convenient when you’re on the go or rushing to your yoga class.

6. 💧 Water-Resistant

Constructed from materials that offer water resistance, the MERU yoga mat bag protects your mat from moisture and light rain showers. It ensures that your mat stays dry and clean, even during unpredictable weather conditions.

7. 🌿 Natural Materials

Made from eco-friendly cotton/hemp canvas, this yoga mat tote aligns with sustainable practices. The natural fibers not only contribute to durability but also minimize environmental impact compared to synthetic materials.

8. 🛡️ Lifetime Warranty

Backed by a lifetime warranty, MERU guarantees the quality and durability of their yoga mat bag. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, they offer a full refund, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s performance and longevity.

Feature Specification
Material Cotton/Hemp Canvas
Dimensions 28″ L x 7″ W
Storage Pockets 3 Multifunctional Pockets
Airflow System Dual Air-Circulate
Zipper Contour Zipper
Water Resistance Yes
Color Options Gray (other colors available)
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


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