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Yoga EVO Stretching Strap with Loops for Physical Therapy Yoga

Yoga EVO Stretching Strap with Loops for Physical Therapy Yoga, Exercise and Flexibility Elastic Fitness Stretch Band + Exercise Instructions, Carry Bag

  • Turn out to be extra versatile, heat up correctly for health or enhance your yoga expertise utilizing an elastic yoga strap with loops. Our high-quality cotton and spandex yoga strap for stretching helps you stretch correctly.


  • Whenever you¬†stretch, you elongate your¬†muscle mass across the¬†joints which helps enhance the¬†vary¬†of¬†movement¬†and in flip, helps to keep away from damage. The particular¬†stretch¬†band¬†facilitates gradual and mild¬†stretches that shield your¬†muscle mass and make you extra and extra versatile every day. Our¬†strap¬†with¬†loops¬†for¬†bodily¬†remedy¬†will make you are feeling youthful than ever with this new strategy to¬†stretch
  • If you’re a¬†dancer, gymnast,¬†ballerina, athlete, runner,¬†cheerleader, coach, or coach, we made the EVO¬†STRAP¬†for you. We took the previous¬†stretcher¬†bands¬†idea and we upgraded it! We changed nylon with a particular cotton mix that feels good. The¬†loops¬†are designed to suit your fingers and toes, so you possibly can focus in your¬†stretching¬†workout routines with out concern of damage. The slight¬†elasticity of the¬†yoga¬†strap¬†means that you can higher estimate your¬†stretching¬†limits and to softly push by way of
  • Newbie-friendly with 10 gentle and¬†stretchy¬†loops. No¬†buckles, no have to tie knots, the¬†yoga¬†stretching¬†strap¬†is so easy and cozy. Latex-free, The¬†Yoga¬†EVO¬†Stretching¬†strap¬†is made out of the very best quality cotton so we hope it’s going to quickly be a part of your¬†health¬†tools¬†and grow to be considered one of your favourite¬†equipment
  • You get fast entry on-line to 120 min {of professional} HD video¬†directions¬†and¬†exercises to be taught all the fundamental¬†strap¬†stretches and¬†workout routines, in addition to an¬†train¬†e book, so you possibly can put yours to good use instantly. Deepen¬†Yoga¬†poses, make¬†Pilates¬†workout routines tougher, boost¬†dance¬†warm-ups, or enhance your¬†ballet¬†stretching¬†routine.

Bundle Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.9 x 1.6 inches


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