Yoga Wheel stretching and back pain relief

The Yoga Wheel is specifically designed to help you improve your balance and flexibility. It serves as a valuable yoga tool for various poses, including plank, crane, squat, tree, and standing poses. By incorporating the wheel into your practice, you can challenge your balance and stability, ultimately enhancing your overall flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, this wheel can adapt to your diverse needs and help you progress in your practice.

Strength and Mobility: The Yoga Wheel is not only about flexibility but also about building strength and mobility. When used in different yoga poses, it engages your muscles in new ways, helping you develop core strength, improve muscle tone, and enhance overall mobility. This makes it a versatile tool for those looking to strengthen and tone their bodies while practicing yoga.

The Yoga Wheel is a 13-inch back roller wheel, which is durable and versatile for your yoga practice, spine stretching and back pain relief. The Chirp Plexus Dharma Wheel is made of ABS yoga foam and its round design fits your back precisely.

Using this wheel for your yoga poses can help you perform deeper backbends, stretch your entire spine, massage tense muscles and relieve back pain and stress. It also helps open your chest, hip flexors and shoulders in the most effective way.

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Effective Back Pain Relief: Many people experience back pain, whether from sitting for extended periods, poor posture, or other factors. The Yoga Wheel can be a powerful tool for relieving back pain. By gently rolling your back along the wheel’s surface, you can release tension, alleviate discomfort, and promote spinal flexibility. It provides an effective way to stretch and massage the muscles of your back, offering relief from common sources of back pain.

Versatile Yoga Prop: The Yoga Wheel can be used in a wide range of yoga poses and exercises. Whether you’re practicing backbends, hip openers, chest openers, or even inversions, this wheel can serve as a versatile prop to deepen your poses and increase the benefits of your practice. It offers support and assistance in achieving proper alignment, making your yoga practice more accessible and rewarding.

STURDY ABS INNER TUBE: Surpassing aggressive merchandise in high quality,this yoga wheel undertake ABS polymer plastic somewhat than cheaper PVC for interior tube, which has been examined to carry as much as 500lbs.

Our 13-inch Yoga Wheel presents additional stability to assist your physique and maintain you from falling, so you’ll be able to attentively take pleasure in your yoga coaching.

HIGH-DENSITY TPE FOAM: Eco-friendly TPE foam are adopted as the outside of the yoga wheel. Whereas in movement, 7mm thick and comfortable padding can cushion your palms and physique, sample on the froth floor will present additional grip.

Because of its high-density foam, your yoga wheel can forestall sweat from infiltrating, so it’s straightforward to wash and maintain neat for a very long time.

IMPROVE BALANCE AND FLEXIBILITY: Designed to reinforce one’s energy, mobility and suppleness, this yoga wheel is a perfect yoga device for plank, crane, squat, tree, stand poses and different difficult stability poses which may meet your numerous wants. You can be amazed by the life-changing advantages of the yoga wheel.


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